Happy Joy-py, nice to meetcha-py!

Hey, hello there... I'm Kao.

This is a tumblr blog that mostly describes my life around my multiple fandoms that basically compounds manga, music, videogames, and the such.

I also rants at times and posts much more long-thoughted things.

I'm not a native-English speaker, so please forgive me in some mistakes, mostly because I write so many stuff late at night OTL.

Don't be afraid to ask anything, I'm pretty open at questions.

I'm studying Graphic Design, but I also enjoy writing.

Active Fandoms:
- Seiyuu
- Anime/Manga in general (series like Gintama, Jojo, Sket Dance, Uchuu Kyoudai, and so many more are what I'm watching or reading)
- Music
- Videogames
- TV Series (mostly Psych and The Adventures of Pete & Pete, if you haven't noticed |D)

We're 8bit Lovers!

There should be a tag on my list that says ‘#really jealous of people younger than me that have accomplished better on their life than me right now’


Some of the Higashikata.

I’ll admit I didn’t even try when drawing the dog. It’s the weirdest dog Araki ever drew so I just went “who cares about dog anatomy ?” and it resulted in this terrible result that makes it look like a potato with legs.

And of course, because Hato said she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing Jobin’s souvenirs, I had to draw her with them.


Kids in Love

Twenty year old Olivia Bee is a self-taught photographer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. She’s shot assignments for The New York Times and VICE as well as campaigns for Hermès, in which she cast herself as one of the models. She was fifteen years old when she shot her first advertising campaign—for Converse. Her work features her friends, doing what teenagers and young adults do, but in a well-composed, beautiful way. 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

I feel completely sorry for those who lost all the whole ending reference to ‘Some Like It Hot’ (1959) or even ‘Tootsie’ (1982) only for the sake of their ships.

Like, seriously.

I feel completely sorry for you.


i made some tsuritama repeating backgrounds. the patterns are ripped from the opening+first episode!

feel free to use. credit is not necessary.

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