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Hey, hello there... I'm Kao.

This is a tumblr blog that mostly describes my life around my multiple fandoms that basically compounds manga, music, videogames, and the such.

I also rants at times and posts much more long-thoughted things.

I'm not a native-English speaker, so please forgive me in some mistakes, mostly because I write so many stuff late at night OTL.

Don't be afraid to ask anything, I'm pretty open at questions.

I'm studying Graphic Design, but I also enjoy writing.

Active Fandoms:
- Seiyuu
- Anime/Manga in general (series like Gintama, Jojo, Sket Dance, Uchuu Kyoudai, and so many more are what I'm watching or reading)
- Music
- Videogames
- TV Series (mostly Psych and The Adventures of Pete & Pete, if you haven't noticed |D)

We're 8bit Lovers!


I’m realizing I follow comics I don’t read in the same way that some people keep up with celebrities

"Oh, I hear Wolverine’s dead again.  Wonder how long that will last."

"So…Nightwing’s a secret agent?"

"Looks like Guy Gardner has a beard now.  I don’t like it."

Thursday, July 24, 2014


You don’t need to be psychic to think outside the box!

Pardon if I haven’t looked enough (it’s 5 AM around here) but… are there some subs for at least Episode 0 of Patlabor: the Next Generation?

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